Ultimate Theming

Customize your Service Desk with additional fields, module based design, category view and much more.

Welcome to Ultimate Theming. The most ambitious plugin for editing the Service Management portal pages. This is the plugin that let’s you add extra fields to the request list, and enable you to customise any portal page.


  • Create/edit any portal page with module based design. Use side bars or your favourite responsive grid setup based on the Bootstrap Grid System.
  • Requests page module can be extended with additional fields (sorting as well). Optional: Let user decide which fields to show.

  • Requests page module can be extended with additional search fields (e.g. priority, labels, reporter, custom selects and more).

  • CSV export of current/all requests.

  • Request page (details of a request) can be extended to show additional fields.

  • Portals (list of portals) can be changed to show a category tabbed view of portals.

  • Modules that can be inserted: HTML (upload images, and add links to files for download), announcement, search bar, recent portals, popular portals (where applicable), request details (e.g. for it’s own sidebar).

  • Global JavaScript/CSS. JavaScript is executed on page view, and css is injected automatically.

  • Edit login, signup and knowledge base pages as well.

Latest Updates

  • Re-implemented additional fields: Now you can set visibility (group, organisation, user) on values for additional fields and search fields. Also scope your additional fields to specific portals
  • The project admin can edit pages of those pages belonging to the project/portal. Enable this in the Ultimate menu -> Permissions.

  • Insight custom fields + NFeed custom fields are rendered properly. 

Find Ultimate Theming via the link