Ultimate Request Explorer

Adds a whole new list for customers to explorer their requests using additional fields and selection.

This app introduces a new Request Explorer for customers/clients that use your Jira Service Management Cloud. The Request Explorer features a dynamical table, with extra fields, criteria and sorting. CSV export is possible as well. Besides the table, you can let fields be displayed on requests as well.


  • Add additional fields (many standard ones + custom fields). Those will be added as columns.
  • Add additional selection. Supports many standard ones + custom fields of type select, e.g. user selection.

  • CSV Export

  • Let field values be shown on a request as well.

There are some caveats of using the plugin

  • We do not support showing requests where a security level has been set.

  • We cannot replace the list on the requests page, and we’re sorry. This is a limit of the ”Jira Cloud” infrastructure.

  • Full internationalization is not yet added. The Jira Cloud API does not support fetching values in a custom language. But we’re working on a custom solution that can circumvent this.

Find Ultimate Request Explorer via the link