Jira Align

Organizations using SAFe® as a framework can achieve a more integrated approach to planning, tracking, and aligning their agile initiatives by implementing Jira Align as a strategic tool. Jira Align is specifically designed to help plan, align, and deliver strategic initiatives across multiple teams, departments, and locations. The platform supports the principles and values ​​of the SAFe® framework and can help your organization achieve a more strategic approach to its agile initiatives.

At aety, we recommend Jira Align to organizations that want to:

  • Create a clear context and align their business strategy with their technical execution.
  • An agile planning platform that supports the planning, alignment, and delivery of strategic initiatives across the organization, ensuring that all teams and departments are working towards the same goals.
  • Observe progress in real-time and gain the necessary overview to make data-driven decisions and adjust their plans as needed.
  • Promote collaboration and communication between teams and strengthen interdisciplinary coordination, knowledge sharing, and exchange of ideas.

Implementing Jira Align as a strategic tool can help organizations achieve better results and success in their agile initiatives. It can also help organizations navigate an increasingly complex business world and ensure they achieve their strategic goals more flexibly and efficiently.

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