Atlassian development expertise

The comprehensive marketplace of Atlassian contains a broad category of apps that meet most companies’ needs to extend Jira, Confluence, and/or BitBucket. However, a condition may occur to develop Atlassian products with particular functionalities or to integrate the products into other systems of private and public organizations. In these cases, aety is ready with a team of developers to help.

Our developers have experience in delivering customized apps and integrations adapted to your specific needs. They know Atlassian Server and Cloud API like the back of their hand. Whether you need integrations, complex data migration, or particular functionality, we help you during the entire process, from identifying needs to developing and implementing the solution itself.

We work based on an agile process model where, in close collaboration with you, we find the solution that will bring you the most significant value. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of Atlassian’s product portfolio, which means you achieve the best prerequisites for future-proof solutions.

Development showcase

In addition to our 8 existing apps on Atlassian Marketplace, our developers have helped customers with the following development tasks in Atlassian’s products:

This is a selection of some of the tasks our developers have completed with our customers. In addition, there are of course a large number of scripting tasks, where Scriptrunner or Jira automation is used to execute scripts that automate otherwise manual processes.

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