Work Management & Digital Workplace

Most people are familiar with effective collaboration tools in the IT industry where employees have worked with task management platforms and other digital collaboration solutions for many years. In most organizations, however, there are still departments and teams that primarily collaborate using Excel, email and documents. In recent years, in particular, we have seen an increased demand for collaboration platforms that can help organizations optimize the way they collaborate. These solutions can be used by all staff functions in the organization going from finance, law, marketing and HR to sales, service technicians and consultants. A common term for a total solution that supports collaboration in departments and teams is called a Work Management solution.
The solution typically consists of the below components which can be selected or deselected based on your needs:

Project Management

The solution must enable efficient project management of deliveries, where the project manager, the team manager, or the department manager can assign tasks to employees, set deadlines and create risks.

Time & Ressource Management

Team members have a limited amount of time available on a regular working day. To ensure that tasks are delivered on time and that employees are not overloaded, the solution must support efficient resource estimation and allocation.

Process Management

With the help of efficient workflow designs, the team's or departments' business processes can be modeled in the tool, to ensure that the task goes through all the relevant steps. Once these processes are set up, the organization's repetitive and manual work processes can be automated using the built-in automation engine. Repetitive operations can be automated so that they are automatically performed at a specific action or at a specific frequency.

Reporting & Dashboards

The solutions include a wide range of reporting capabilities, where the weekly or monthly reporting can be automated. This is one of the benefits of replacing email, Excel and documents with an effective collaboration solution - One achieves a drastic reduction of status meetings.

Digital (white) boards

The solution supports the function to visualize planned tasks in virtual and configurable boards and / or whiteboards. This ensures the most optimal collaboration in teams and departments.

Why should your organization invest in a single platform for collaboration?

With a work management solution, a number of templates can be developed for how projects or tasks are solved. Workflow processes can be optimized and transferred to other departments or teams. This gives organizations the ability to collect data across teams and departments and visualize the data in reports and dashboards – thus informing the company’s decision-makers about progress across all areas.

Increase productivity

The organization's employees can more easily communicate with each other when tasks are made transparent and easy to share. This can help break down barriers that usually stop knowledge from flowing freely. This will, in turn, reduce the time where employees have to wait for clarifications. In addition, efficient dashboards and reports can reduce time spent on status meetings.

Collaborate digitally in one place

Make the most of digital collaboration and work towards common goals that support the organization's vision.

Share knowledge effortlessly

With easily accessible and strategic collaboration platforms, it is possible for individuals and teams to assign work and complete projects across the organization. The tasks are transparent to the individual employees and everyone in the relevant teams and departments.

Support the hybrid workplace

Work management is necessary if the organization supports a hybrid workplace where the employee works remotely and on-premise at the location.

Aety & Work Management / Digital Workspace

Aety helps your company to create a future-proof collaboration platform that enables you to achieve your goals through effective task management. Our solutions are based on our partnerships with state-of-the-art and best in class collaboration platforms via our partners Atlassian (Jira and Confluence), and Miro.

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