Insight Asset Management



The course “insight Asst Management” introduces what insight can do and its core functions. In the course, you will be taught how to manage your Enterprise Assets, IT Assets and learn about the benefits of insights CMDB. After completing the course, you can navigate around insight, create object schemas, attributes, and objects, form usable IWL search strings, and produce reports. You will also learn to set up automation and integrate insight with external systems.

The course addresses cloud.

Participant profile

The course is aimed at users who work daily in insight and act as insight users, insight managers, insight administrators, service project administrators, or similar. The course also aims at operations teams, IT supporters, developers, and other technical profiles. Before participating in the course, we recommend that you take Jira Service Management and Jira Automation.


  • Insight Overview.
  • Insight Basics.
  • Creation of Object Types and Attributes.
  • Connect Object Type.
  • Search with IQL and Basis Search.
  • Import of Data.
  • Insight Automation.
  • Insight reporting.


After the course you will be able to:

  • Navigate around Insight and object schemas.
  • Describe Insight roles and permissions.
  • Set up how you can import data from external sources.
  • Generate reports in Insights (only for Data Center/Server).
  • Create and configure object types and attributes, inclusive of object type references.
  • Search for Insights objects in different ways – including when using IQL search strings.
  • Create Insight automation.

Course material

The course is in Danish, and the material is in English. Atlassian develops our material. At the beginning of the course, you will receive a compendium with various slides and exercises. At the end of the course, the course participants receive an Atlassian-issued diploma.

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