Atlassian Consulting Assistance

Our Atlassian consultants

At aety, we have a large team of professional and competent consultants ready to help you. Our consultants are trained in Atlassian’s products and several process-relevant frameworks. They have experience with helping larger public and private organizations with a wide range of IT-related challenges.

Typically, the consultants have a general understanding of all Atlassian products and supplementary apps from the ecosystem. The general understanding is supplemented by expertise in several specific products, such as Jira Service Management, Jira Software, or Confluence. The process-relevant frameworks complement our solutions and will typically be within ITIL, Scrum, SaFe, and/or project- and portfolio management frameworks.

Together our consultants have achieved:

Atlassian certifications
Process certifications

Examples of consultant assistance

Aety provides many different types of consulting assistance within the Atlassian area. Depending on your organizational needs, we can offer consultancy assistance within 2 general areas:

Solution-specific and platform-specific consulting assistance

Solution-specific consulting assistance

IT Service Management

With Jira Service Management and the associated Atlassian products, our consultants can help you implement a complete ITIL-certified solution with integrated CMDB.

Work management

Our consultants can help you use Jira and Confluence to support effective collaboration and task management within most non-IT areas, such as HR, Finance, Law, Production, and Marketing.

DevOps / Agile software teams

Our consultants can help you combine Atlassian's products to unify your development and operations team on one platform for collaboration, and they can support you in the process from the first code commit to the support of finished software.

SaFe / Project- and Portfolio management

Using Atlassian products, especially Jira and Confluence, our consultants can help you set up a solution for managing deliveries in a SaFe setup. If you work with a hybrid model, with both agile software teams and projects running according to a traditional model, we can support with Jira, Confluence, and the product BigPicture.

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Platform specifik consultant assistance

Pilot projects

If you need to see and test an Atlassian solution first to assess whether it is the right solution for you, we can start by creating a specially designed-pilot project.


We offer Atlassian-specific courses in collaboration with Teknologisk Institut. Here you will get the opportunity to choose between general courses and company-specific courses.

Migration to cloud

If you have an Atlassian server or data center but want to migrate to the cloud, we can take care of your migration journey. We offer an initial and free migration workshop to assess your maturity level.

Setup and installation

We can help with your installation and first setup whether your favorite hosting is cloud or datacenter


We are ready as a sparring partner if you already use Atlassian's products. Through our collaboration with public and private clients, who range in size and industry, our consultants have built up expertise that we would happily share with you. We help by giving your installation a health check at the application and infrastructure levels.

GAP analysis

We have helped a large number of organizations with the assessment of their general maturity regarding collaboration within the organization and their specific use of the Atlassian platform. A report is usually prepared with concrete measures to improve the current situation.

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Types of aety consultants

At aety our consultants are divided into 3 categories:

Change & Transformation

Business consultants with knowledge of ITIL, Safe, Prince 2, or other relevant process frameworks and relevant Atlassian products. These consultants are responsible for configuring the platform. Typically they 
have administrator skills on the Atlassian products and can assist with designing requirements specifications and/or user stories through interactive sessions. This consultant profile will generally be your primary point of contact.


Technical consultants with deep insight into the setup of platforms and integration for e.g. A.D. Can assist with more technical and operational challenges on Jira, Confluence, and applications from Atlassian Marketplace. The consultants can set up, configure and automate server operation, as well as configure the products using scripts and other development.


Consultants who are particularly versed in Atlassian's API and app development. They help our customers develop complex integrations, maintain aety's own applications on Atlassian Marketplace and assist the other two consultant profiles with particularly complex tasks.

This is how our consultants work

Aety offers several different models of consultant assistance within the Atlassian area.

Coverage of needs

Whether you need help planning and migrating or only need to implement Jira Service Management, we always start by making sure that we 100% agreed with the needs you want to be supported.


Now the actual delivery begins. The delivery occurs through phases, where our consultants continuously seek clarification from your organization’s stakeholders. Look below for a typical implementation process.


We help you develop your employees’ skills to be ready to use the new solution. At the same time, we are ready when the solution is in operation to accommodate change requests and provide ongoing support.

At aety we offer the format which fits you the best. Examples of engagements can be seen below:

Fixed allocation

We have experience having one or more permanent consultants assigned to a customer over a period who help with everything from implementation of projects to daily support - you control what the time should be spent on.

Project allocation

Also, we offer to have one or more consultants involved with a specific delivery, which we jointly ensure will be completed.


We also have a support department ready for you to contact them whenever you need assistance.

Example of a typical implementation process at aety

As a starting point, we operate with SCRUM (and associated ceremonies) as a method, which is, of course, adapted to the specific context. Aety works based on a principle of transparency and welcomes future administrators to participate in the actual implementation to the extent they deem relevant.

Usually, we recommend sprints of approx. two weeks in duration. Each sprint has an overall purpose with several specific sprint goals defined. At the start of the project, a product backlog is created, which contains all relevant tasks, cf. requirements, or user story documentation.

Each sprint is initiated with the customer, where we review the purpose and content of the sprint. After this, the consultant team of aety works on the set scope, where one designated Product Owner from the customer’s side can be contacted on an ongoing basis for clarifying questions.

Every day, a 10-minute daily meeting is held, where any obstacles and planned activities are reviewed. It is optional whether the client attends this meeting, but a minimum attendance of 2-3 times a week is aety’s recommendation. 

After the sprint, a demo session is held, where the outcome of the sprint is presented to the customer.

If necessary, aety can provide a project manager who will ensure that the delivery proceeds according to plan.

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