Amazon Web Services

We are Amazon Select Partner and we invest in competence development and certifications of our employees.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers services in almost everything and the challenge is, therefore, to know which services are relevant for you to solve your specific problem. Cloud is a good choice for many companies and as an AWS Public Sector Partner, we have significant insights into and experience with public companies’ challenges with their cloud strategies, e.g. in connection to GDPR requirements and the handling of data.

In order to get the desired result, it is rarely a good idea to only think on the scale of 1:1 migration from the data center to the cloud, also called “lift-and-shift”. This can be a way to start, however, the services that are being used should often be rethought to create value in the sense of greater operations stability, flexibility, and scalability. Aety can be your advisor about a strategy, be an implementation partner on cloud migration, and take responsibility for operations, support, and data processing agreements.

Customer Cases

Hosting of Jira and Confluence

One of our customers wanted to use Jira in the organisation, however, they wanted to avoid the burden of operations. Atlassian cloud was considered but because of challenges with integration, demands for GDPR, and the management of customer data, it was not a possibility.

Aety solved the case by offering to host on AWS because that could guarantee the storage of data in the EU. This gave the company the possibility to use Atlassian’s strong product suite without having to worry about server operations and uptime. simultaneously, the important compliance is settled through operations support and data processing agreements.

Automation of infrastructure, public IT-project

Aety contributed with AWS consultants to one of Denmark’s biggest public IT projects. The project is based on many AWS services and will be implemented over many years. To manage the many environment and services in play, automation is a key factor including the extensive use of Terraform for the creation of an infrastructure. Aety’s focus on DevOps and cloud combined with our consultants’ in-depth knowledge of AWS made us the natural partner to deliver consultants for the project.

AWS consultancy services

Aety offers consultancy, development, and implementation services for AWS. Your cloud project has the best chance for delivering value if success criteria have been formulated early on in the process and a plan has been developed for how to archive success. Aety can be your experienced partner because we offer you a delivery manager who secures communication and expectation alignment. We also dedicate the right AWS-certified consultants with knowledge of architecture, development, and operations.

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