Meet an employee

In Aety, we are driven by the common goal to make a noticeable change for our customers. We all strive to be the best at what we do. One of our strengths is our diverse professional profiles, who all have different perspectives on the execution of tasks. It allows us to find the optimal solution for the customer – equally through the focus on technology and business.

Meet Nils

Consultant & Educator
“I have a personal interest in agile development, which is the cornerstone of everything we do in Aety. In my role as a consultant and educator, I work at the crossroads between communication and IT, and as a Technoanthropologist, it is something I can appreciate. At Aety, I am part of a strong consulting team, where everyone is passionate about creating good customer experiences. We have the customer’s best interest in mind, and it is motivating for me to see how our solutions benefit the entire value chain.”

Meet Malene

Consultant & Educator
“I value being able to think independently and creatively in solving the tasks, and Aety gives me that opportunity. My role in the consulting team is executing, which means that I set up solutions based on the client’s wishes. In my opinion, the product portfolio in Aety is exciting and there is a lot of potential for further development. The desire to learn something new and share knowledge is pervasive for the employees at Aety, which results in many exciting discussions across disciplines.”

Meet Magnus

Student, Developer
“It is important for me that I can vouch for the deliveries that I’m developing with my team while developing my professional skills. In Aety, we always deliver high-quality solutions and even though I am given a lot of responsibility, I can always rely on my colleagues’ experience. You can always find a helping hand if you experience problems with a task.”
Photo by Claus Sall ( 2021

Girls in ICT - day

We want to spike interest for women in choosing IT as a career path. Therefore, we celebrated International Girls in ICT day by conducting interviews with some of our female consultants. We wanted to understand why they chose to work in the IT business in the hopes of inspiring other women to follow suit.

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